Stuart/Justice Scholarship Fundraising Goal for Oct. 5, 2018
Posted Monday, September 3, 2018 07:04 PM

Fellow Classmate:


We are writing today to ask you to make a contribution to the Stuart/Justice

Educational Foundation on behalf of the Class of ‘78. In the past, some

reunion classes have given back to our school with a gift to the Foundation.


On the basics, the Foundation is a 501(c) (3), non-profit organization,

providing college scholarships to amazing but financially-strapped students

graduating from Stuart/Justice High School. Recipients are diverse. They are

community-service oriented.


Some facts. Many of the families of our applicants have annual incomes

below $25,000 a year, reflected in many scholarship recipients receiving

little, if any, financial help for college from their families. Nowadays at

Stuart/Justice, over 63 percent of students qualify for free or reduced-rate

lunch, more clear evidence of financial need. Moreover, notwithstanding the

challenges they face—financial and otherwise—many scholarship recipients

volunteer to help others while in college.


No doubt, our recipients are also highly motivated individuals. For example,

many are the first in their families to attend college. Many had to hold down

part-time jobs or care for siblings before and after high school. Some of our

applicants have even been homeless for a portion of their time in high

school. Nevertheless, we have recipients who completed their undergraduate

studies in less than 4 year or completed double majors. Some have gone on

to earn graduate and professional degrees. What our recipients have

accomplished when the odds have been stacked against them truly sets the

work of the Foundation apart.


Rest assured that donations to the Foundation are used efficiently. The

Foundation’s low-overhead, all-volunteer operation, allows us to devote

about 95 percent of revenues to scholarships. All scholarship payments are

made directly to colleges, eliminating abuse of funds. In addition, an

independent CPA firm performs a financial review of the Foundation’s

accounts every year.


Continuing our work and, hopefully, expanding the Foundation’s reach to an

even greater number of worthy and needy students require continued and

growing financial help. Thus, we are turning to Stuart alumni in greater

number. Please know that any financial contribution you make to the

Foundation would be highly valued and valuable. Thank you for your






You can contribute in three simple ways:


1. Send a check payable to the

Stuart Educational Foundation, Inc."

to P.O. Box 4612, Falls Church, VA 22044.


2. Donate online via PayPal by going to:


3. Donate through the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) at work.

The Foundation’s CFC Agency Designation Number is



Be sure to designate “Class of ‘78” in the memo line for check or PayPal. To

learn more about JEB Stuart/Justice High School and the Foundation go to




Dan Garfinkel, Marit Anderson & Andie Rowe

Class of ‘78

JEB Stuart High School