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In Memory

Lyle Conrad

Deceased Classmate: Lyle Conrad - biology teacher at Stuart
Date Of Birth:
Date Deceased: 9-25-2015
Age at Death: 77
Cause of Death:
Classmate City:
Classmate State:
Classmate Country: USA
Survived By:

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03/06/16 11:29 AM #1    

Robert Koberg (1964)

I remember going spelunking with Mr, Conrad 1962 or so. His middle initial was G. We used to say "The big G stands for goodness

11/24/16 10:26 AM #2    

Stephen Hyde (1977)

Mr Conrad used to take us in the back of his old pickup truck (Mike Rees and myself, among others) up to his property in West Virginia, where we  would help him work on a cabin he was building during daylight hours, and when it started getting dark, he would drop us off at various caves that exist in the area.  We had a blast, and returned there for a number of years afterward, sometimes with groups from the Outdoor Club which Mike headed up at the time.

I remember Mr Conrad as having a cool, calm demeaner, and plenty of dry humor to go with it.  He will be greatly missed.

12/20/17 01:05 PM #3    

Keith Marks (Marks) (1977)

I'm so sorry I never reached out to him after I left High School to tell him how much he influenced my life. .He made science fun and at the same time prepared us for College. We had a final exam that made us name the animals from their skulls. I was in a museum a few months later in Arizona and there were several skulls on a table, told my dad that one of them was a red fox skull. The curator come over to me and asked how I knew that, he said he knew it was a fox skull, but didn’t know if it was a red or gray fox. I told him how I knew. That was just one impact on my life from this great teacher.

02/27/18 04:46 PM #4    

Cynthia Crook (Crawford) (1967)

My brother, Wes Crook (‘64?) took me along on a caving trip with Mr. Conrad and several other students.  The first time, I was terrified, it was SO DARK in those caves.  Mr. Conrad was so patient with me, and even carried me on his shoulders part of the way.  The next time, knowing what to expect, I had a great time, and even helped at times. He took students with him where they banded thousands of bats.  He was such a nice guy, and had an impact on so many.

08/14/18 05:52 PM #5    

Wesley Crook (1965)

Lyle was my biology teacher; a teacher really interested in what he taught and a teacher who wanted to instill his fascination of life in others.  I found out he was a "spelunker" and was excited to go on my first "caving" trip with him.  He got me involved with some experienced rock climbing friends of his so that I could gain skills to go into more challenging caves as a useful team member.  Later, we drove to Lewisville, West Virginia to explore and map a huge cave with friends of his who had started the project.  He was extraordinarily fit and tough.  He could go for more than 30 hours without sleep or any real rest while exploring and mapping that cave.  I gave up in 24!  Well, about the sleep.  I was driving his VW Microbus back to Falls Church while he slept on the floor in the back.  The oil pressure light came on and Brent Bullock (class of 66) and I woke him up to tell him.  He said it always did that, not to worry!   I told him two more times, same answer.  We didn't go much farther after that.  The engine seized and was hot enough to grill chicken.  He later admitted that he was too sleepy to comprehend what we were telling him!!

Lyle was more than a teacher.  He was a mentor, a biologist, an ecologist, a good influence on teens, and my friend.  

Wes Crook   







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