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Facebook Page Launched

The JEB Stuart Alumni Association is now on Facebook! Check it out, spread the word, and please "like" and "follow" it!

Ruth Cornelsen is retiring!

Hey Stuart Alum - Some of you may have heard, Mrs. Ruth Cornelsen is finally retiring in the fall. I would like to put something together to help her remember all the wonderful times and to remind her of her massive impact on so many students throughout the years. If you have a memory, or message, or even a picture you would like to contribute, please email me - Also, please pass this message along to anyone who knows Mrs. Cornelsen. She has touched many lives and I want to make sure she knows it! MK JENNINGS

Raider's Digest

An Unsung Graduation Speech

by Theo Lebryk (Class of '15)

On the first day of the second semester, my teacher posed a question for the class: would you send your kids to Stuart?

Now if I asked the same question to all of you, I’d imagine that a fair share of you would shake your heads. At very least, you’d have to take some time to think about it.

And I think you might be right. Senior apathy is a natural occurring phenomena, but with our school, the arguments for why “Stuart sucks” run too deep to be ignored. We get random prank fire alarms. We have a truancy problem. We still haven’t won a Conference championship in any sport. We’re among the last in the county in average SAT scores, graduation rate and SOL scores.

Losing, it would seem, is embedded in the school’s DNA. Failure is our forte, tragedy our trademark.

But then I remember the student who lives in the basement of someone else’s home with his single mother, a mother who doesn’t know about things like Questbridge or Common App.  However, this student goes to a school that does and more importantly, he goes to a school that cares. Through this school that cares, this student was identified as one of the most brilliant students in the school and was given the tools to obtain the Questbridge Scholarship and a full ride to one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

I remember the student who walks home 20 minutes after track practice and takes an ice shower to recover from practice and to toughen himself up. I remember how odd this thought is because this kid has no reason to make himself tougher: he’s endured the difficulties of moving into a new country without knowing the language or culture well. When he was a freshman, he stalwartly endured the loss of his father to cancer. He’s endured the pressure of being the fastest runner at the school when you can tell by nature he’d rather be out of the spotlight. He’s endured the social pressure of being the only black kid in his higher level math class. And while he’s endured all that, he still wants to get tougher, to become better at all costs because, as he says, he can’t let the sacrifices of his parents, teachers, and counselors be worthless.

I remember walking through the hallways after 9:00 pm and seeing the theatre kids working well into the night for “hell week.” While getting home from school after 9:00 would seem like a terrible task for some, there’s one among the theatre troupe that does just that nearly everyday, hell week or not, so she can pursue her passions as dancer, singer, or actor. And though she does all that, on the side she still has time to maintain A’s, every single quarter, in every single class. And despite the hectic, stressful nature of the life she lives, she doesn’t complain, pout or sleep in class. No, in fact, anyone who has ever interacted with her will tell you she is the most outgoing person around.

I remember the former administrator who worked thankless hours on weekends, holidays, and snow days to launch a math remediation program to boost SOL scores. I remember the math teachers who stay after school or come in on Saturday mornings to make sure their kids are as best prepared as possible for SOLs. And side by side with the kids studying for their Algebra I SOL are the dutiful souls from IB Math HL and IB World History, grueling through an optional Saturday morning study session.

And from the image of the math teacher who came to teach us on Saturday mornings, flows the memory of all the teachers: from the English teacher who took the time to write pages worth of comments on each and every student’s essays and attempted to inspire all of them to become better versions of themselves, to the government teacher who has done everything in his power to give an equal opportunity to those who need it. These men and women who were my personal heroes come rushing back to me.

And I know that these stories that I saw were a part of a larger whole and there are hundreds more just like mine.

These are the things we will remember when we look back at what Stuart was to us, not our average SAT score or graduation rate.

So, should we ever face the question of whether or not to send our children to our alma mater, hypothetically or otherwise, I implore you to remember the stories. I don’t know about you all, but I’m perfectly content with watching my kid walk out of my door and into the wonderful world of J.E.B. Stuart High School. Because only there can we see the meaning of the Shakespeare line, “We are such stuff as dreams are made on.”


celebrates 10 years of giving back to Stuart!

Pay it forward by giving back to the JEB Stuart Educational Foundation. The Foundation has been helping our students reach their goal of attending college for 10 years! Our students should be encouraged to go on to greater things and make us proud! All alumni are invited to GIVE BACK to our school through this worthy organization.

Click on the link on left menu or go to to find out more info and to donate. 





Save the weekend of July 17, 2015 for our 40th class reunion celebration. We will have an informal happy hour on Friday evening, 7/17 at BJ’s Restaurant, a private buffet dinner on Saturday evening 7/18 at the Tysons Corner Marriott and wrap-up the weekend with a Barcroft Beach party on Sunday afternoon.

Ticket prices for the private buffet dinner will be $75.00 per person and a block of guest rooms at the Marriott (walking distance to BJ’s Restaurant) will be available at $75.00 per night. **All private buffet dinner reservations must be received by July 1, 2015. For more information please contact Lynn at and spread the word!

Patty Triplett West ('88) Finds Entrepreneurial Success

Congratulations go out to JEB Stuart High School alumna Patty Triplett West who will be featured on the CNN International show "From Passion to Portfolio" later this fall to talk about her company Good Karmal.


Want to read a current issue of Raiders' Digest?  Go to:


Stuart High School SRO Named FCPS 2015 Distinguished School Resource Officer

Police Officer First Class Mario Colorado, who serves as the School Resource Officer at Stuart High School, has been named the 2015 Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) Distinguished School Resource Officer Colorado will be recognized at the June 11 Fairfax County School Board business meeting.

“School Resource Officer Mario Colorado has consistently demonstrated distinguished performance in the area of school safety and security, showing fervent commitment to the school community at Stuart,” say principal Penny Gros and assistant principal Jeffrey Barham, who nominated him for the award. “Officer Colorado has worked diligently to ensure the safety of over 2,000 students on a daily basis, coordinating efforts with administrators, school staff, and Fairfax County resources to maintain a safe and secure environment.”

By working with faculty and staff at Stuart and the Fairfax County Police Department, Colorado has been instrumental in instituting improved safety measures in the school, resulting in a secure environment that facilitates learning.

Colorado has also helped educate the Stuart community about sex trafficking, “specifically issues facing our community at Stuart High,” say Gros and Barham. “He followed this program with an informative session about gang trends and warning signs, allowing our instructional staff to assist even more with matters of security and creating a safe and caring learning environment for our school.” They credit Colorado with a subsequent decrease in drug-related incidents and fighting, related to his “expertise and presence” as a driving factor toward a safer school environment.

Stuart security specialist Joe Gould says, “Officer Colorado’s dedication to Stuart, staff and students, has been obvious since he arrived. We have a population that includes students who are new to our country and frequently need  guidance in their adjustment. His language skills and his knowledge of Spanish culture are invaluable.” Gould also credits Colorado with being able to prevent incidents in school because of his intricate knowledge of the community, and for stepping in to help with routine security matters.

Colorado helps with classroom presentations of the Partners for Safe Teen Drivers course and serves as a guest instructor in the Criminal Justice I class at Stuart. He is praised for being a natural problem solver, for being approachable and dependable, and for engendering trust among Stuart’s students.

Finalists for the 2015 Distinguished School Resource Officer were Master Police Officer Amy Gee, SRO at Hayfield Secondary School, and Police Officer First Class Brett Manthe, SRO at Madison High School.

Class of '85 30th Reunion is On!

Dates and venue are still TBD... BUT:

Like the 20th Anniversary, the plan (so far) is to attend the homecoming game and socialize afterward at a local establishment. The formal reunion will be on Saturday evening at a local venue still to be determined. Anyone else who would like to help with the planning is welcome!!

Contact Andy Hoeffler via message here.


Penny Gros has been named as the new principal of JEB Stuart High School, effective immediately

Below is article from the Washington Post:



DAR Chapter Recognizes Students and Educators

The Captain Nathaniel Mills Chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) recognized the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD at its February meeting. The chapter presented awards to Elizabeth Thy-Anh Nguyen of Trinity High School for her winning essay in the Good Citizen competition. The chapter also recognized two students from LD Bell High School for their essays in the Christopher Columbus competition. Bryan Tony was the first place winner and Hannah Harrel placed second. The chapter presented LD Bell High School history teacher Eric Oglesby with the local Outstanding American Teacher award. The final award went to former HEB ISD teacher and administrator Pat May for winning the Women in History award at the state level. (From left) Elizabeth Thy-Anh Nguyen, Bryan Tony, Hannah Harrel, Pat May, Eric Oglesby.



Take a walk back down memory lane and check out these historic publications of The Raiders Digest and Cadence - These are priceless treasures from JEB Stuart High School's past.

Our thanks go out to  Arnie Reed '64 digitizing and posting them, and to Jim Warrick '61 and George Miller '64 for contributing them to the archives.

Here's a page from December issue:


"Matthew Hua can't slow down"


Check out the article from Run Washington - really amazing!  Proud that he's a Stuart Raider!


Academy Award Winner

JEB Stuart High Alumnus!

Northern Virginia Patch article:


English Teach and Forensics Coach

I taught at JEB Stuart from 1967 to the late 70's. I am retired in Williamsburg, VA. My book about diagramming sentences, REX BARKS, has a publisher and sells mostly to home schoolers. My volunteer work includes tutoring in our jail's GED program. I have happy memories of my students at JEB Stuart.


Now's a great time to reach out to a former classmate who has not yet registered on our website and invite them to join.  It's free and it's run by us (Stuart Alumni not an outside firm!)

To invite them to join either send them our website address or on the website Home Page there is a box titled Missing Classmates. Enter any classmate's email address in there and they will be sent an invitation to join.

Thanks - let's make this young, but awesome association into a mighty mighty Raider nation!


We have received many emails recently in which people are trying to locate former classmates.  Instead of posting them as announcements on this Home Page we have created a User Forum Titled ISO.  Click on the User Forums tab on left side of this page and follow the directions to post questions, answer questions, etc. Thanks everyone!


We've got it......Click on this link to purchase all your Raider GearAlso available at the home football games.

The mission of the JEB Stuart Alumni Association is to foster community among the alumni and to strengthen alumni connections to the school.