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In Memory

Mark Temple - Class Of 1974

June 26, 2014. Passed in his sleep. Unknown reason but believe heart attack. No previous history but died without pain.

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03/06/15 09:19 AM #1    

David Vail (1974)

Mark was really a big teddy bear who enjoyed being with his friends and teammates. We had many good memories from sports and classes shared. I wish I had been in touch with him before he passed but glad to know he is resting peacefully. God Bless.

03/17/15 04:05 PM #2    

Scott Burton (1974)

His bark was worse than his bite.One of the best freinds I ever had. He always made me laugh. I will never forget you.

02/07/16 03:35 PM #3    

Daniel Goldschmidt (1978)

Mark was one of those guys you are in awe of when you're 11 or 12 years old. Then, for a while, as you get older they are even more forboding and intimidating; but ultimately you arrive at that place where you realize its  just part of growing up and hopefully, you can recognize the beauty that they bring to the human pageant and how lucky you are to have known them. To this day I can recall certain things Mark said to me about a variety of things and althoiugh he was often gruff, he was never unkind, and to his credit, he was usually right....

02/08/16 01:16 PM #4    

Stanley Naudus (1974)

I will always remember what a superb athlete Mark was. Unlike me, he was first rate in every sport he played: Football, Wrestling, Track and Field, etc.


01/01/18 09:45 AM #5    

Steve Sloane (1975)

I had known Mark Temple since Sleepy Hollow School. He lived the next neighborhood over from where my family lived. When he was a 5th grader in Mrs. Jacobsen's class, she invited our (Mrs. Forsyth's) class over and Mark and his crew played air guitar and lip-synced to Snoopy and the Red Baron. When I was in 7th grade, me and my bestie, Andy Milliken, broke all the windows at Bath & Racquet after it closed and school had started. We would go running across the parking lot shrieking with laughter after we broke them. One Friday evening I got an anonymous phone call from somebody who said, "This is a freind of yours. I know about those windows at Bath & Racquet." I freaked out! At first I didn't recognize the voice. My brother said it sounded like Mark Temple. When I ran into him about a year later I thought, "Yeah! That was the voice!" Strange thing is neither of us ever brought that back up. At Stuart, he never hassled me like many others did. For the most part, he was a real stand up guy. May he rest in peace!



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