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In Memory

Jean DePriest

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03/04/15 04:47 PM #1    

Scott Burton (1974)

Best teacher I ever had. She loved history as much or more than I did. I will never forget her.

05/10/15 04:09 AM #2    

Ross M. Brown (1982)

One of the best teachers I ever had because she treated us as adults.  We did not have to ask to go to the bathroom.  She was a fine example of a human being.

08/11/15 12:19 AM #3    

David Kerr (1976)

I had the good fortune to speak to her long after she retired.  As passionate about history as ever.  I really loved her class.

09/15/15 06:40 PM #4    

John Clegg (1972)

Loved Mrs.DePriest- teaching in those pencil skirts, stiletto heels and beehive hairdo and driving her big Cadillac! Was good friends with her daughter Diane who was in Class of '72 with me. Good memories. 

05/12/16 02:10 PM #5    

Marc Thompson (1978)

Simply wonderful government teacher. One of those teachers who stick out in my memory because she was so memorable, in a good way.

07/09/16 08:46 PM #6    

Andrea (Susan) Coumarian (Vivian) (1979)

I remember her as German teacher my freshman year (1975/76 school year)/

12/03/16 01:27 PM #7    

Fernando Navarrete (1978)

Mrs. D was always warm, gracious and ready to help.  I have very fond memories of her.  As is typical of youth, I did not appreciate her as much in 1978 as I do today when I find myself teaching US Government in the Virginia Public Schools system.  THANK YOU, Mrs. D, wherever you are!

02/10/18 12:52 PM #8    

Barbara Beebe (1976)

Mrs. DePreist taught us the most useful skill I ever learned in high school - how to file our taxes!  I have always done my own taxes & have never had to pay anyone else to do them.  Thank you Mrs. D.!


07/28/19 08:45 PM #9    

Timothy Keiser (Keiser) (1986)

By far my most favorite teacher. She always gave me the freedom to do things my way but was always there to talk things out either at school or her house after school. R.I.P. Mrs. DePriest - LOVE Tim Keiser

04/28/22 04:14 AM #10    

Steven Keene (1978)

Mrs. DePriest was the absolute best teacher in my life.  True...I was teacher's pet one year.  She actually made me her assistant one year and gave me a desk next to her desk.  I was working part time allot at Buckaroo Steak Ranch and occassionally she would come to eat with her husband.  Once, I had a project due and she knew I was working and she brought materials to the restaurant and helped me get going.  

When a student had free time and wanted to hang out guess where we went.  You might go to her room during her planning periods and still find 4 or 5 students hanging out and a revolving door of students in and our wanting to talk or get advice. SHe also mentored young girls in how to be smart, professional and successful while still being a classy, competitive woman on equal footing with anyone regardless of gender or title.  

She was smart, kind and respected by everyone including students and staff.  Don't mind saying...she was classy looking at the time for an older lady.  Always dressed to the Ts.   She had a great deal of impact in my life and was very instrumental in helping me get a small financial scholarship for my 1st couple of years in college.  She was committed and dedicated to her profession.  It was not her job....It was her calling.  Mrs. DePriest, I think of you often and just know you are doing the same job in heaven.   Maybe I can be your assistant again?

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